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Monstar Hondata Tuning Package FK8R

Monstar Hondata Tuning Package FK8R

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Monstar Hondata Tuning Package for the 2017+ Honda Civic Type R

This package is geared to allowing all Honda Civic Type R owners gain the most power out of their setup.  The direct injection kit has been proven to be the final piece in obtaining high horsepower goals with most bolt ons and even an upgraded turbochargers.  


The Hondata Flashpro is the top tuning solution for the FK8R and many other Honda platforms.  This will allow for you to gain every bit of power, drivability and comfort from your R when it has been tuned properly.  


Each package includes the following.

1 - Hondata Flashpro

1 - Instant Jail Break

1 - Hondata Direct Injection Kit

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