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Advan RSDF Wheel

Advan RSDF Wheel

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Advan RSDF

The first molded and one-piece form-forged wheel to bear the ADVAN Racing RS name. Based on the traditional RS 10-spoke design, and creating a fusion of all RS elements such as the side cut on the RSⅡ and the deep rim on the RS-D, and produced with a forging process, the strongest RS wheel of all was born—the RS-DF. (DF stands for Deep Forged.)

The rims available in three depths—standard, medium, and extra, to allow for the caliper clearance of the car the rims are mounted on.

Three color variations are available—Machining & Racing Hyper Silver* with Diamond Cut Finish machining on deep rims, Racing Gloss Black with full gloss black all over, and Racing Hyper Bronze* to appeal to those with a more aggressive attitude. (*Some colors may not be available in every wheel size. All wheels come with ADVAN Racing RS-DF spoke logo stickers (dark blue for the Machining & Racing Hyper Silver and Racing Hyper Bronze, and white for the Semi Gloss Black).

The three-dimensional ADVAN Racing FORGED logo is machined into the wheel center

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